Regarding Christchurch, Canterbury's Earthquakes (General)

by kiwiceltic @, New Zealand, Sunday, April 08, 2012, 01:13 (2267 days ago)

Nearly forgot if you know anyone in your Research Group who has anyone buried at The Canterbury Linwood Crematorium in Christchurch, Canterbury New Zealand, please tell them that The Walls were they have put alot of peoples Urns in(this includes our mum and her brother Ean in) have all come down in the quakes and aftershocks. The Rose Garden and Return Service Men’s Section is ok. If they have family buried in The Walls they need to contact Canterbury Linwood Crematorium immediately Phone 064-03-389-6282.
But The Surrounding Walls have all been destroyed. The have stored The ASHES somewhere but am unable to tell me were The have Mum and Uncle Ean’s Urns and they were buried in one of The Walls that has been destroyed. I am ringing once a week to be kept up-to-date what's happening there.
Also alot of The Cemeteries “Bromley Cemetery” “Rua Lawn Cemetery” “The Jewish and Catholic Cemeteries” have all been hit badly. “Harewood Crematorium is ok. Many Churches here have also been damaged, that have graveyards with them.

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