HILES, Moses (General)

by BDaviesVera @, Sunday, April 08, 2012, 22:54 (2206 days ago)

I am stuck on my research for the Hiles family. Sophia Hiles married Richard Gibbs in 1838 at Awre. Her father was Moses and in 1838 he was living at Blakeney, working as a sawyer. In 1841 he was living at High Street, Mitcheldean, his wife was Mary. I cannot seem to get further back than 1838 for information on Moses, can anyone help me please? Incidentally Richard Gibbs (my 3x gt grandfather)was a fossil collector for the 1851 Geological Survey and he named his house Fossil Cottage. The cottage, as he named it, still exists at The Plump, Mitcheldean. Thank you.

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