Emily Haisting DAVIS 1873 -1966 ? - when? where ? (General)

by unknown, Thursday, April 12, 2012, 14:09 (2234 days ago) @ slowhands

bit of an update on Emily:

It appears that her father, Thomas Davis (although it's spelt Tomas in his bible), died in a railway related accident but it is unclear whether he worked on the railway line or not. In 1881 Emily is recited as living with William & Elizabeth Blake at 20 Purbrook, Walford. She is their "neice". In 1891, Emily is still living with William & Elizabeth but has been joined, at that time, by Almay A Blake, also William & Elizabeth's neice. However, Emily is now recited as being their daughter and has changed her name. What is unclear is whether or not Emily was adopted by the Blakes or whether in fact she simply changed her name. In 1901 Emily has married James Joseph Morgan and is living with the majority of their children (some had not yet been born) at The Atlas and William Blake is a widower and boarder.

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