Grave Stones - Obligations and Rights (General)

by ajd1 @, Monday, April 23, 2012, 12:21 (2224 days ago)

Apologies if this has been covered - searched here but did not find anything beyond reuse of chapels.

On a recent trip to the Ross area, I discovered the gravestone my Gx7 grandparents from 1729 in a parish churchyard. Quite apart from being chuffed at finding it and touched that it existed at all (I assumed that, as they were not particularly wealthy, they wouldn't have a stone marker), it contained some valuable information (ages) that have helped tie them to baptisms.

The gravestone is in very good condition compared with some of its contemporaries. Unfortunately it has been moved from the grave and is now propped against a wall. No one at the church seems to know when this occurred and they are no known records or maps of the grave locations.

This leads me to some queries:

Thoughts and comments appreciated

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