Without Dissent (General)

by ajd1 @, Sunday, April 29, 2012, 13:01 (2218 days ago)

In a transcription of an 1815 marriage (below), the memo note contains "without dissent".

I've not noticed this elsewhere before - can anyone suggest what it indicates?

Record ID 46377
Entry Number 47
Year 1815
Month Oct
Day 17
Grooms Surname ANDREWS
Grooms Forenames Benjamin
Grooms Age
Groom Condition Bachelor
Grooms Occupation
Grooms Residence of this parish
Grooms Fathers Surname
Grooms Fathers Forenames
Grooms Fathers Occupation
Brides Surname CHIVERS
Brides Forenames Jane
Brides Age
Brides Condition Spinster
Brides Occupation
Brides Residence of this parish
Brides Fathers Surname
Brides Fathers Forenames
Brides Fathers Occupation
Licence or Banns Banns
Date of Banns 10 17 & 24 Sept
Signature or Mark He signs she marks
Witness 1 Rebecca Chivers
Witness 2 Thos Bennett
Other Witnesses U Delahay Par[ish] Clerk
Officiating Minister James Mills Curate
Event Marriage
Memoranda without dissent
Register Reference AG39/10
Page Number 16
Parish Chapel Ross on Wye

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