Charlotte Phelps married James Johnson Abenhall Dec 1834 (General)

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James PHELPS and Prudence GOODE are my Greatx4 Grandparents. I see the thread of Susannah BLEWETT marrying William PHELPS in 1786 and that it is likely James BLEWETT took on the PHELPS name. I have picked up that Susannah had other children with the father "not stated" on the baptisms:

William 4/7/1779
James 8/1/1782
Elizabeth 2/3/1783
Mary 28/8/1785

Is it possible that they are William's children?

Others born after William and Susannah are married:
Sarah 28/6/1788
Susanna 8/5/1791
John 3/11/1793
Thomas 25/3/1798

William can be found on the 1841 census at the age of 90 living with his daughter
Susannah and her husband Thomas BULLOCK.

Was William PHELPS married but separated from someone else prior to 1786?

If so history repeated itself as my Gt Grandparents Thomas Walter PHELPS and Blanche LEWIS (nee ROBERTS)had their children between 1901-1915 and married in 1928 with Blanche listed as widowed.

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