Grave Stones - Obligations and Rights (General)

by unknown, Thursday, May 03, 2012, 01:31 (2242 days ago) @ ritpetite

I did visit the Gloucester Archives In Gloucester City Centre a few years ago and they have a thing about burials. I found my great great grandfather in there and it said on what date he was buried and which church (both these facts I already knew) but it also said the plot number and row of the actual grave. I visited the yard and searched very thoroughly all the stones that were standing and all the ones standing against the wall (that I could see) and I did not find my ancestor's but at least now I have the actual location. I did get in touch with the vicar who emailed me a few times about meeting with me and trying to find the exact spot with me but due to other factors I never did meet with him and I gave up on the quest.

As I say though the short version is maybe Gloucester Archives burial records can help with locating an exact spot that a person is buried under. They had my ancestor from 1897.

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