George WHITE 1834 Joyford / Broadwell (General)

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As I have a few White's in my Family Tree (hasn't everybody !!), I followed this thread. I am confused and wonder if this is a rare Slowhands error.

The thread concerns a George White born 1835. You show a marriage 22 Dec 1877 between "a" George White and Mary Hale, but this George White was 23 in 1877 making him born 1854. He is in my tree as George White 1854 married my 5th cousin twice removed Mary Ann Hale, born 13 Sep 1860 Nottinghamshire, baptised 19 May 1862 Coleford, daughter of Henry Hale 1835/1890 & Lucy Whittington 1837/1910.

There is a link to this Mary Hale within the thread, as you show census data for Thomas Hale 1795 & Ann 1805 (who is nee Brown). These are the parents of Henry Hale - who in turn is the father of Mary Hale 1860 who married "a" George White born 1854 in 1877. So whilst the 1877 marriage is pertinent, it is not the marriage for George White 1835.

Jim Ashton

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