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Hi again Lynne,
I've not researched Cheltenham as such myself but I recommend these free sites which may help, although you probably know of them. (I gather you have Ancestry access and I assume you know the FreeBMD & FreeCen sites which are great altho I don't know if they yet give decent Cheltenham coverage).

Glos BMD (particularly useful site # )

Glos Non Conformists etc

Lots of possible help on here, worth searching thro.

Glos Archives

This MAY help you
Glos LH Societies inc Cheltenham

Obviously I don't know what your queries are and for what period but hopefully these should help a fair bit. Failing that IF you're searching relatives with DEAN area links/origins then I see no harm on posting for further info on here.

# A great feature of this site, if you're searching for Helen/Ellen Symond/Simmonds etc as before, on this site you can enter just the bare minimum. For example enter search data as Surname "Si" & Forename "He" between say "1800" & "1900" for all "area"s and all "event"s (ie leave both fields "blank"). This will show all Helen Simons/Simmonds/Simmons etc.
As with the Adv Search on the FoD site, the results found can be sorted in various ways by clicking the top of the desired column, for example group by Surname, or by area, or all results chronolically etc. After having digested the results, simply click backwards and the search engine retains your intial set of imput data, so its easy to then for example change "Si" to "Sy" to get those Symons etc, and start all over. Altho the FoD site's Advanced Search system is really helpfull it can be upsetting routinewise & more timeconsuming having to re-enter all the input data for every search.

If you haven't already done so I recommend this method for hopefully finding more info re Helen Simmonds etc as this seems a common name on this site and may help fill the gaps, ESPECIALLY as this site includes Registry Office Marriages unlike some Church PR based sites. If done methodically & carefully this potentially lengthy process can give excellent results.

Good luck !

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