Parents of Josiah Evans Harris b1804 & Family (General)

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Hi Muffy, welcome to this superb resource website & friendly forum !
Have you tried searching this site's Parish Record database ?.

From this I can find this Baptism (well Record of Birth) hence his parent's names:

Record_ID: 83928
Entry_Number: 47
Year: 1804
Month: Dec
Day: 8
Parents_Surname: HARRIS
Child_Forenames: Josiah Evans
Fathers_Forenames: George
Mothers_Forenames: Sarah
Residence: Town of Coleford Newland
Officiating_Minister: John Fry
Event: Birth
Notes: The Minister (Baptist Protestant dissenting) signs after a sentence in which he declares he was present at the birth on the date given. This is a record of Birth not Baptism
Register_Reference: D 2722 13
Page_Number: 18
Parish_Chapel: Coleford Baptist
Soundex: H620

Using this site's Advanced Search (from link at base of main Search page) I look for all Marriages of George Harris to a Sarah, if this record is within this site's PRs I suspect this would appear to be the most likely altho needs more checking ?

Record ID 27979
Entry Number 101
Year 1832
Month Apr
Day 16
Grooms Surname HARRIS
Grooms Forenames George
Grooms Age [not
Groom Condition Widower
Grooms Occupation [not stated]
Grooms Residence Hundred of St Briavels
Grooms Fathers Surname [not stated]
Grooms Fathers Forenames [not stated]
Grooms Fathers Occupation [not stated]
Brides Surname HARRISON
Brides Forenames Sarah
Brides Age [not
Brides Condition Spinster
Brides Occupation [not stated]
Brides Residence Hundred of St Briavels
Brides Fathers Surname [not stated]
Brides Fathers Forenames [not stated]
Brides Fathers Occupation [not stated]
Licence or Banns Banns
Date of Banns [not stated]
Signature or Mark He signs She marks
Witness 1 Mark of William Holder
Witness 2 Mark of Hannah Duddel
Other Witnesses
Officiating Minister Yate Fosbroke Curate
Event Marriage
Memoranda [1832] in left margin
Register Reference P175 IN 1/5
Page Number 34
Parish Chapel Hewelsfield

SADLY though this gives no real help wrt the couples' birth dates or their parent's names... although George is a Widow so presumably not a youngster.

While searching Harris' of Newland area within my Glos FHS 1851 Census cd I find the following which may be relevant, surely not a coincidence wrt name, profession and location (nr Bedminster above) ?. I wonder if this explains his possible father George Sr being "missing" off the above Census returns ie living on duty away from the household ?. Just a thought:

1956 1851 CENSUS HO107/1956 FF. 0083 - 0097 ED. 2B CHIPPING SODBURY

Piece: 1956 Folio: 0096 Schedule: 077

Address: Police Station

BRADSHAW William HD M 42 Sergeant of Police GLS Cam(c1809)
BRADSHAW Mary WI M 40 - Bristol St.Pauls(c1811)
HALL Thomas U 22 Police Officer MON St.Woolford(c1829)
HARRIS George U 21 Police Officer GLS Coleford(c1830)

Following this search lead off same cd I also find:

1962 1851 CENSUS HO107/1962 FF.0254 - 0292 ED.1A SOUTH HAMLET

Piece: 1962 Folio: 0275 Schedule: 162

Address: Barton Terrace

HARRIS George HD M 52 Police Sergeant GLS (c1799)
HARRIS Hannah WI M 50 - GLS (c1801)
HARRIS Charles SO - 15 - GLS (c1836)
HARRIS Kezia DA - 13 Scholar GLS (c1838)
HARRIS Hannah DA - 11 Scholar GLS (c1840)
SKINNER Isaac M 24 Police Man GLS (c1827)
BAILEY Henry M 23 Police Man GLS (c1828)
LEWIS Robert M 26 Police Man GLS (c1825)
NEWMAN John M 34 Police Man GLS (c1817)

George Senior is a Police Sergeant in Gloucester.

You could reasonably assume his first wife & family prior to Sarah & Joseph were Hannah, mother of Charles, KEZIA & Hannah.
However comparison with the 1841 Census for Sparrow Hill on the earlier post is confusing in this respect ??

Revisiting this site's PRs again using the Advanced Search for Marriage of George Harris Sr(c1799) to Hannah gives this which seems reasonable:

Record ID 36130
Entry Number 508
Year 1825
Month Sep
Day 10
Grooms Surname HARRIS
Grooms Forenames George
Grooms Age
Groom Condition Bachelor
Grooms Occupation
Grooms Residence Newland
Grooms Fathers Surname
Grooms Fathers Forenames
Grooms Fathers Occupation
Brides Surname MOXHAM
Brides Forenames Hannah
Brides Age
Brides Condition Spinster
Brides Occupation
Brides Residence Newland
Brides Fathers Surname
Brides Fathers Forenames
Brides Fathers Occupation
Licence or Banns Banns
Date of Banns
Signature or Mark Both sign
Witness 1 William Harris
Witness 2 Penelope Ann Moxham
Other Witnesses
Officiating Minister George Ridout Lecturer
Event Marriage
Register Reference P227 IN 1/11
Page Number 170
Parish Chapel Newland

If this is correct then his father is presumably Witness William Harris.
Other witness is perhaps Hannah's mother or sister ?

Again using Advanced Search but for Baptisms from George & Hannah Harris, gives:

9061 1828 HARRIS James, George & Hannah, Col[e]ford, Butcher, Coleford
115462 1830 HARRIS George, George & Hannah, Colford, [Illegible], Clearwell
44367 1832 HARRIS Robert Moxham, George & Hannah, Coleford, Butcher, Newland
44425 1833 HARRIS John, George & Hannah, Coleford, Butcher, Newland
126418 1838 HARRIS Kezia, George & Hannah, Bicknor, Butcher, English Bicknor

Which fits perfectly wrt my suspected Policeman George Jr b1830, although now thoroughly confused wrt Kezia's census age. My 1851 Census cd only gives the one Kezia Haris in the County, at the Police Station as above.

Anyhow hope that helps get you started, off for a late dinner now !

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