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by unknown, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 21:16 (2267 days ago) @ Jefff

Thanks Again Jeff

Getting a little frustrated searching for matching records John & Martha Symonds,
along with their daughter Helen or Ellen so decided to move forward in time and research Ellen's son William. Fortunately I have a bit more solid info as I have copies of his birth and Marrige certificates
William Symonds - Born Newent 1866
Marriage to Elizabeth Price Bartlett 1895 in Cheltenham.
It sems that they lived back in Newent after their marriage and 4 of their 7
children were born in Newent - I have records of their baptisms on this site -

William Arthur - 1896 - 1897
Gladys Bartlett - 1897 - 1901
Herbert Reginals - 1899 - 1968
Frank Edward - 1901- 1991 - he emergrated USA
Unfortunately I cannot find burial records for the deceased children
I am begining to wonder if I have found the immortal family ... haha

I know that William and Elizabeth evenutally opened a shop in Leckhampton Cheltenham
where they had 3 more children
Edith May 1903-1991
Harold Willaim 1907-1987 - my father-in-law
Diris Julia 1912 -2003

As to your enquiry about the weather we are well in autumn now so even here in Cape Town South Africa it gets a little chiily especially mornings and evenings.
Hopefully the sunshine will appear for you soon.

You have been very kind searching records on my behalf, it is truly apprciated
I will try the sites for Cheltenham you suggested.

I wont give up on John Martha and Ellen just yet. I feel sure I may be asking for help again soon but if I find anything concrete will be sure to let you know

Thank you once again

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