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As Ancestry, haven't transcribed Gloucestershire 1911 census in a quick way.... you have to use the information obtained from the Summary Book (in this case)

District 31
Schedule No. 231


so - go into : 1911 England Census

on the right hand side you will see a section with the heading : Browse this collection

County: - go down till you find : Gloucestershire - click

Civil Parish : - go down the list until you find Cheltenham - click

District: go down to no. and click on 31

Schedule No: 231 - this is the number the house has been given on the top right of the census return....


There are 909 pages in this District - but this is a quick way of finding the correct page....

Each house has two pages, the census page and a front sheet - so ... 231 x 2 = 462 and usually you're not far off the house.

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