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by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 14:30 (2238 days ago) @ Jefff

Hello Jeff

Sneaking on here to answer the wonderful people on FOD forum for all their help.
I must agree that this is the best website I have come across and am learning every time I use it. However, with a family and full time job there is not a lot of spare time. My family although interested do not share my passion to quite the same degreeand are feeling a little neglected.
I agree completly as to how intersting and addictive researching has become.
The more I find out about past relatives the more I want to learn about how they lived their lives. A lifelong project it seems.
Like you I got a little carried away at first and tried to research several branches all at once. I have a subscription to Ancestry living in SA I thought it was the best way to go and I have found it usefull to at least give me an outline but it is very easy to get carried away and get way off track.
I now realise that I need to take it slowly and try to verify as best as possible before moving on. Hense researching other sites such as this. However, not all sites are equal and def not as easy to use as this one. I hope you do not mind if I pick your brain for suggestions as to the best sites to visit when I get stuck.
Please forgive me if I seem to ask inane questions.
As I have a little reliable info for the Symonds family I have started from scratch. Here I am stuck with Ellen. After a little more research I now thnk that perhaps Ellen may have been born in Winchcomb Worcester outside FOD site.
So will investigate that line see how it pans out (Can you suggest a site?)

However, according to info I have she Ellen definately lived in Newent as I have a birth certificate for her son william born 1866 and found his baptism record on this site. No father stated on birth cert for William so she is my only clue.
I also have info gained from my sister-in-law which tells me, Ellen her mother and grandson infant william are all burried in Newent - she even provides grave numbers. No burial records on this site????? Been trying to get hold of my
sister-in law to verfy she's not home grrr.

Once again thank you and other members for taking the time to help be try and solve this little mystery. I am sure I will get there soon will keep you all posted

Kind Regards

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