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Charles MITCHELL b1851 Minsterworth etc on the 1851 Census (General)

by Jefff @, Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 01:18 (929 days ago) @ Jefff

The relevant MITCHELL Households listed in this area in 1851 are:

1959 1851 CENSUS HO107/1959 FF.0502-0518 ED.3 HUNTLEY 2

Piece: 1959 Folio: 0513 Schedule: 065

Address: Minsterworth

MITCHELL Charles HD M 30 Ag Lab GLS Shurdington (c1821)
MITCHELL Ann WI M 30 - GLS Churchdown (c1821)
MITCHELL Mary DA - 11 Scholar GLS Minsterworth (c1840)
MITCHELL Josep SO - 9 Scholar GLS Minsterworth (c1842)
MITCHELL Emily DA - 7 Scholar GLS Minsterworth (c1844)
MITCHELL Harriett DA - 5 At Home GLS Minsterworth (c1846)
MITCHELL Charles SO - 1 At Home GLS Minsterworth (c1850)


Their eldest children from above household, now moved away but still Severnside;

1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0152 - 0163 ED.2A FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0161 Schedule: 048

Address: High Street

MERRETT John HD M 50 Farmer of 36A. Emp. 2L. GLS Slimbridge (c1801)
MERRETT Hanah WI M 39 Farmer's Wife GLS Flaxley (c1812)
TAYLOR Samuel SV U 16 Farm Labourer GLS Stroud (c1835)
MITCHEL Ann SV U 16 House Servant GLS Minsterworth (c1835)


1959 1851 CENSUS HO107/1959 FF.0416-0428 ED.1 HUNTLEY 2

Piece: 1959 Folio: 0425 Schedule: 053

Address: Farm, The

HART Thomas HD U 30 Farming 50A Emp. 2 Lab GLS Blaisdon (c1821)
HART Patience MO W 77 - GLS Brockworth (c1774)
HART Charllot CI U 39 Gentlemans Servant GLS Blaisdon (c1812)
HART Mary CI U 45 Housekeeper GLS Blaisdon (c1806)
CAYSE Charles SV U 21 Farm Servant HEF Upton Bish[op] (c1830)
MITCHEL William SV U 13 Farm Servant GLS Minsterworth (c1838)
WILLIAMS Eliza SV U 16 Farm Servant GLS Blaisdon (c1835)


1961 1851 CENSUS HO107/1961 FF.0001 - 0015 ED.1,2,3,4 KINGSHOLM

Piece: 1961 Folio: 0011 Schedule: 003

Address: Linton

PRIDAY Samuel HD M 51 Farmer 450A Emp.8L GLS Quedgley (c1800)
PRIDAY Sarrah WI M 50 Farmers Wife GLS Newent (c1801)
PRIDAY Catherine DA U 19 Farmers Daughter GLS Tibberton (c1832)
PRIDAY Lydia DA U 16 Farmers Daughter GLS Bulley (c1835)
PRIDAY Eliza DA U 14 Farmers Daughter GLS Bulley (c1837)
PRIDAY Jane DA - 12 Farmers Daughter GLS Bulley (c1839)
PRIDAY William SO - 10 Farmers Son GLS Linton (c1841)
PRIDAY Frederick SO - 8 Farmers Son GLS Linton (c1843)
MARFELL Sarrah Ann DA M 22 Farmers Daug GLS Tibberton (c1829)
MARFELL Ann Sarrah - - 5M - (Grandchild) WOR Eldersfield (c1850)
BUNDAY Ann SV U 23 House Servant GLS Corse (c1828)
YOUNG Sophia SV U 18 House Servant GLS Sandhurst (c1833)
COX Thomas SV U 20 Farm Lab WOR Bushley (c1831)
MITCHELL Thomas SV U 14 Farm Lab GLS Minsterworth (c1837)
HALFORD George SV - 14 Farm Lab GLS Bulley (c1837)


A relation ??

1960 1851 CENSUS HO107/1960 FF.0124-0143 ED.4B & 6 NEWENT 1

Piece: 1960 Folio: 0137 Schedule: 086

Address: Cugley Tything

MITCHELL Sarah HD W 80 Pauper Lab HEF Linton (c1771)
MITCHELL Sarah GD U 24 Glover GLS Minsterworth (c1827)

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