Richard Ward b. 1777 (General)

by unknown, Wednesday, May 09, 2012, 17:50 (2177 days ago)

WARD FAMILY Newland Chapel.
Please, has anybody done anything on the WARD family as I would like confirmation of my links (being a beginner) and also some help.

My grandfather was William (George) WARD, b. abt 1875 in Bream, who moved to Maesteg, and married Emily GRIFFITHS
His father was Richard Henry WARD b.18 Aug 1853 in Lydney married to Ellen Jane HILL b. 29 Oct 1853 of Redbrook.
His father was George WARD b. 22/3/1818 Redbroke who married ?Sarah BEACH b. abt 1813 in Breen Chapel, Newlands (parents Thomas BEACH 1772 and Mary KEAR b. 1778)

His father was Richard WARD 1777, who married Frances HARRIS

However, I don't feel too secure in my research, and the whole stack of cards will fall if I have gone adrift in the beginning.

I cannot find parents for Ellen Jane HILL (29 10 1853 - 16 1 1890) neither can I find the 2nd marriage for her widower, Richard Henry WARD, who moved to Cinderford after Ellen Jane died.
Many thanks

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