Free Ancestry Access to 1911 Census this Weekend (General)

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, May 11, 2012, 20:16 (2175 days ago)

"" are giving entirely free no-strings access to the 1911 England & Wales Census all this weekend, started already (now) & right thro' until end of Monday 14th May 2012. You can search for and view the original Census Documents and save their images to your pc hard-drive for future use.

This link should find the start page

As with my previous posts of this ilk, please be assured altho' you do need to register this is very quick and only involves giving your name & email address. You will not be asked for subscription or creditcard details etc to gain these images, altho if you do stray into other areas of the site that will provoke such questions.

As I said last time, I'm NOT a member of Ancestry and have never given them any payment whatsoever. However I did register online some months ago; this I recommend as I receive occasional email newsletters, sometimes warning of free-access such as this, plus I can create and store my family trees on their site. Also despite them limiting the information given you can perform limited searches which can sometimes be a usefull guide. Ancestry is also available free-of-charge in most if not all Public Librairies. Whether overseas researchers can register with and take advantage of this free access I do not know, worth a try tho !

Happy Hunting !

PS Please read the Census entries and transcribe them yourself, my own albeit limited experiences suggest the Ancestry transcription system is imaginatively inaccurate.

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