The Square - Parkend (General)

by tonyjenkins @, Thursday, October 08, 2009, 20:48 (3179 days ago)

Hi All

Does anyone know when The Square - Parkend was demolished?



The Square - Parkend

by hjpreest, Thursday, October 08, 2009, 21:11 (3179 days ago) @ tonyjenkins

In the book The Story of Parkend by Ralph Anstis, it says The Square was demolished in the mid 1950's.

The Square - Parkend

by PEG @, Tuesday, July 06, 2010, 10:20 (2908 days ago) @ tonyjenkins

Hi tonyjenkins, Paul Gwynne (PEG) replying from Sydney Australia.
The Industrial History of Dean by Cyril Hart contains a couple references to the Square in Parkend. Page 84 shows before & after photos of the site of the tinplate works & the Square houses. Page 198 in describing the tinplate works contains the wording "They comprised iron forges, rolling mills & tinplate works; twenty four houese for their workmen were also built adjacent to the northern boundary of the works (the group of houses was later known as The Square). On Page 199 contains the wording "The works (referring to the tinplate works) closed in 1881 & were demolished in the 1900s. The 24 houses at The Square were an early example of industrial housing (even if of a most squalid kind in its later years). They were demolished in the 1950s."
There is also mention of The Square & some photos of it in The Severn & Wye Valley Railway Volume 1, by Ian pope, Bob How & Paul Karau. Page 142 mentions the Parkend Tinplate Works, which seems to allude the The Square being built sometime between 1851 & 1853. After the final closure of the Tinplate Works on 21st September 1881 the works remained closed until 1900 when they were demolished. "The Square remained until the houses , in a very delapidated state, were demolished in the mid 1950s"

I believe my great great grandparents Tom & Harriet Gwynne & their family lived in The Square in the 1870s. I would love to know which house number they lived in & between what dates?


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