Benjamin Virgo & Mary Ann Griffiths (General)

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I'm trying to link Benjamin Virgo my 3x Grandfather, bapt 26 July 1822 at Blakeney, his parents were William and Sarah Vergoe; with the other Virgo families of that area. He had a sister Mary or Marianne born in 1824. He doesn't seem to have had any other siblings. He married Mary Ann Griffiths 25 Oct 1845. Her parents were John and Constant Griffiths. They had a daughter Julia Emma in 1847 and then moved to Hanley, Staffordshire where they had more children including my 2x Grandmother. They eventually moved to Castleford, West Yorkshire. Is there anyone out there that may be able to shine a light on them.

William VIRGO c1788

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? FOD records

Baptism at Awre (notes: Blakeney Chapel)

William VERGOE, parents Thomas & Elizabeth - 1 son of 2 born 18 March - christened 23 March 1788


1841 Census, Dean Forest
Blakeney, Old Furnace


William - 50 Quarryman - all born in County
Sarah - 55
Benjamin - 15
Mary - 15


There is a marriage at Newland 13 August 1838, of a Thomas VIRGO - Quarryman - residence: Yorkley, father William VIRGO, Quarryman - marrying an Ann CLARKE - residence Blakeney Hill - father William CLARKE, labourer - mark of William DAVIES and Emma WHITE.

1851 Cenus, Glos East Dean

14 New Road


William - 63, Quarryman, born Glos East Dean
Sarah - 67 - born East Dean
Joseph MARTIN, Lodger, unmarried, 26, Coalminer, Berkeley

next door

Joseph (transcribed by Ancestry as DAULBEY - 26 - Quarryman Newent - see marriage below
Mary Ann DAULBEY (this is Benjamin's sister) age 26 - born East Dean

few doors away


Benjamin - 27? - Coal Miner, born East Dean
Mary Ann - 25
Julia - 3


Looking at the 1861 census for Glos East Dean,
Old Furnace Bottom

Thomas VIRGO - 26 Coal Miner, East Dean
Mary Ann - 20
Rosanah CARTER, visitor, 12 - born East Dean

next door

James VIRGO - 27 - Miner born East Dean
Marry WEBB, Lodger, unmarried 38 with her family


Sarah YEMM a widr age 38 -born Awre
Henry - 14
Sidney - 3
Thomas SMITH, 36 Lodger


William VIRGO, Head - Wdr - 73 - labourer, born East Dean
George YEARSLEY - LODGER, 25 born Awre
William YEMM - 17 - born Awre

next door


Joseph - 36 Carter, born Newent
Mary Ann - 36 - born East Dean
William - 9
Joseph - 7
Sarah Ann - 5
Mary Ann - 2



? FOD records

Marriage at Awre - 24 July 1820

William VIRGOE, Bachelor, Forest of Dean extra Parochial


Sarah TIRLEY, Spinster, Forest of Dean extra Parochial

mark of Thomas VIRGO,/Thomas Daniel Clark


Sister of Benjamin, Mary Ann VIRGO

FOD records
Marriage at Cinderford St John 26 October 1850

Joseph DALBEY, full age, labourer residence: near Blakeney Hill
father: Joseph DALBEY, labourer


Mary Ann VIRGO, spinster, residence near Blakeney Hill
father: William VIRGO, labourer

mark of William YEMM and Emma SMART

William VIRGO c1788

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For what it's worth, the Clarke/Virgo connection is in my line . . .

Benjamin Virgo & Mary Ann Griffiths

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Thank you for replying to my query. I trawled through the forum after I'd posted my request. I found out who William's parents were which is a great help. I've already transcribed every Virgo that I can find in all of the census' that were born in Gloucestershire. I'm convinced most are connected. However with regard to my own branch the dilemma I've always had is that I don't know who Williams siblings were, if any, hence the problems with connecting to the others. There are plenty that lived nearby who are of the correct age to be brothers of his or cousins etc but I'm at a loss. With regard to the Griffiths's I confess I haven't researched them at all yet.


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Looking at the FOD records for the marriage at Parkend - of Mary Ann GRIFFITHS age 20 = c 1826 (residence) Moseley Green, father John GRIFFITHS (Collier) to Benjamin VIRGO - 25 October 1845.

There is possibly her sister? marrying at Parkend on 19 August 1849

Thomas LOWE, age 22, Bachelor, Collier, residence: Moseley Green
father: William LOWE, occupation, Squarer


Harriet GRIFFITHS, age 17, c1832 Spinster, father: John GRIFFITHS, Collier

mark of William CASE and Thomas BAYLIS



These two girls could possibly be the children of John & Harriet GRIFFITHS, christened at Parkend

Using the Advance Search: for baptisms at Parkend of John & Harriett GRIFFITHS

Augusta 1839 * GloucestershireBDM, mother's maiden name BALDWIN
John - 1841 *
Eliza - 1825
Mary Ann - 1826
William - 1831
Harriett - 1834
Phoebe - 1836

Looking at GloucestershireBDM for children of GRIFFITHS/BALDWIN there are a few more between 1851 and 1861 including a Julia GRIFFITHS - 1847, Monmouthshire, Coleford (Julia is a family name)

1851 Census, Glos West Dean


Harriet - 43 - Housework ( Widow) - all born West Dean
Phebe - 14
John - 10
William - 3 months
Julia - 4 ***
William KAICE, Lodger, 26


FOD records, Baptism at Parkend - 21 March 1847

Julia GRIFFITHS, father John (occupation, Collier, deceased)
mother: Hannah

residence : Moseley Green (same place as Harriet's and Mary Ann's Marriage)


FOD records, Burial at Parkend - 3 September 1846

John GRIFFITHS, age 45, residence - Moseley Green


FOD records, marriage at St Briavels - 25 October 1823

John GRIFFITHS, Bachelor, residence: Hundred of St Briavels


Harriet BALDWIN, Spinster, Hundred of St Briavels

witnesses: Mark of Jacob and Elizabeth HOOK

William VIRGO 1788 Blakeney / Awre - prior thread

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his parents were William and Sarah Vergoe; with the other Virgo families of that area.

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

"Walter Virgo and the Blakeney Gang"

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I am doing a piece of local history research for a pamphlet on the confrontation which occurred in the Blakeney area around the 1890s between the authorities and commoners from the area. The story has been briefly told by Chris Fisher C (1981), Custom, Work and Market Capitalism. The Forest of Dean Colliers, 1788-1888. London, Croom Helm

The manner in which the story has been told in the past has not portrayed the commoners involved in a very sympathetic light and as a gang led by Walter Virgo. I would like to correct this. I would argue that their story cannot be understood without placing their actions in the historical context of the struggle for the customary right to common. The characterization of the commoners of Blakeney who took part in these events as a gang is to simply criminalize their actions and motives without placing them in any social or historical context.

I would be very grateful if anyone out there could send me any relevant information. I was brought up in the Forest but now live in Bristol.

My home phone number is 0117 9519174


Ian Wright

Walter VIRGO - Census information etc

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???? if this is the correct Walter

- By Googling Walter VIRGO (trying to do the link!) - the information can be read for members on Google Books: Custom, work and market capitalism the forest of dean colliers....

Looking at the article - the family had a bad reputation - and had been charged with sheep stealing.

Ancestry - Criminal Records -

Walter VIRGO - date of trial - 20 October 1863 - Gloucestershire - Not guilty
Walter VIRGO - date of trial - 29 June 1880 - imprisonment - 6 months
Walter VIRGO - date of trial - 3 July 1889 - Not guilty



FOD records

Burial at Newnham and Blakeney Tabernacle

Walter VIRGO - age 59
Cause of death: Consumpt

Memoranda: died Aug 23 - Farmer - buried at Tabernacle


by 1901, Walter had become a Farmer

1901 Census, East Dean
Blakeney Hill, East Dean - District 23


Walter - 56 - Farmer - own account
Catherine - 53 - born Staffs Hanley
Walter - grandson - 9
Howard - grandson - 6


1881 Census, Westbury on Severn East Dean - District 23

The nineteenth remaining part of the Township of East Dean. Commencing at Isaac Wood's Houses Brains Green is Bounded on the West and North West by Blakeney Hill Enclosure to a point where William James' house stands, Including the same on the South West by road leading from the Said William James' house in front of Harriet Virgo's house to the Turnpike road immediately at the Back of Joseph Virgo's House - On the West by Turnpike Road to the Turnpike House and on the South East by the Parish of Awre to William Wood's house in Brains Green.

This includes the Ridge part of Brains Green. Part of Blakeney Hill, Loiter Inn? and Giberalter


Walter - 35 Coal Miner, born Blakeney
Elizabeth - 35 - born Lincolnshire, Ekington
John - 15 - all born East Dean
Ann - 12
Charles - 10
Moses - 8
Aaron - 5
Albert - 3
Mary - 1


1881 Census Gloucester East Dean - District 23

(it would seem Elizabeth his wife had died - and he had remarried Catherine VIRGO - Widow - 21 December 1889, Viney Hill)


Walter - 46 - Coal Miner, born Parish of Awre
Catherine - 46 - born Hanley, Staffordshire
Charles - 18 - Coal Miner
Aaron - 16 - Shepherd
Albert - 12 - Scholar
Mary - 10
Walter - 8

Walter VIRGO - Census information

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yes i think that is the walter virgo. Thankyou - i am just trying to find my way around this site.

Best Wishes


Walter VIRGO -1845 Loiterpin, Blakeney Prior thread

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yes i think that is the walter virgo. Thankyou - i am just trying to find my way around this site.

Best Wishes


Year: 1845
Month: Feb
Day: 14
Parents_Surname: VIRGO
Child_Forenames: Walter
Fathers_Forenames: James
Mothers_Forenames: Charlotte
Residence: Loibespin[?]
Occupation: Labourer
Officiating_Minister: C. Brookshank Chaplain of Blakeney
Event: Baptism
Notes: recorded at the end of the year
Register_Reference: P50 IN 1/2
Page_Number: 4
Parish_Chapel: Blakeney

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

Walter VIRGO - British newspapers on line

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By searching British Newspapers on line

There are quite a few hits if you search of Walter VIRGO - - use the advance search for Gloucestershire


Littledean Petty Sessions Saturday 15 November 1890

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