Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774 (General)

by unknown, Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 09:52 (2246 days ago)


I joined this list having been researching my wife's ROBERTS family in Monmouthshire and faced with a few brick walls. There was always some talk that the family actually had its roots in the Forest of Dean rather than Monmouth, so I have started looking across the border.

I have the earliest ancestor to date:

Thomas Roberts (widow) m. Ann Harper St Mary's Monmouth, 14 Jul 1774 BOTP
Witnesses where Thomas Hughes and Eliza GWYLLYM

I have not been able to find a burial record for any first wife of Thomas however. Thomas went on to have six children via his second wife Ann (Harper)

I have not been able to find any trace of Thomas Roberts first marriage in Monmouth. However, in searching the FoD records I came across this entry:

Thomas Roberts of Newland m. Mary GWILLYM of Newland 18 Apr 1761

I was intrigued by the fact that Thomas's witness to his second marriage was an Eliza GWYLLYM and that I had an earlier marriage of a Thomas Roberts to a Mary GWILLYM. I am wondering if there is a link here and that these two Thomas Roberts are one and the same? Would it be at all likely for a member of his first wife's family to act as a witness to his second marriage? Or am I, more likely, just clutching at straws?



Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by m p griffiths @, Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 10:06 (2246 days ago) @ unknown

From the FOD records it would seem members of families do appear from time to time be witnesses at wedding - in your case, possibly the sister of the Groom's first wife. Using Advance Search for witnesses is a useful tool.

Would assume Thomas ROBERTS and his first wife possibly could have had children....

Also on FOD records at Newland

Thomas Gwilliam ROBERTS - marriage 20 December 1788

Grooms residence: Newland


Elizabeth FROWEN

Brides residence: Newland

witnesses: Paul AMES/Thos BOND


also at Newland 8 June 1766 - christening

William ROBERTS - son of Thomas & Mary

residence: Coleford


FOD records

Burial at Newland - 18 June 1766

Mary ROBERTS, residence: Coleford

Notes: BT's state 12 June

? is this Mary who possibly died in childbirth




FOD records, baptism at Newland 4 April 1743

Mary GWILLYM, parents Thomas & Mary

residence: Bream

Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by unknown, Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 11:09 (2246 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Thanks for these extra names - I'm beginning to get a picture here of possible families that may well fit the bill. Thomas Roberts ended up in Monmouth as a miller and baker and his son George Edward ROBERTS seems to have inherited the mill.

The late Bryn Roberts, the General Secretary of the National Union of Public Employees from 1934-1961 is a descendant of this family.



Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by m p griffiths @, Tuesday, April 24, 2012, 13:33 (2246 days ago) @ unknown

You can check for children of Thomas ROBERTS/Elizabeth FROWEN - on FOD records.

This tree is on Public Members Tree on Ancestry (obviously can't say whether the info is 100%) and give children of Thomas Gwilliam ROBERTS and Elizabeth FROWEN as

Thomas Gwilliam ROBERTS - 1792
William - 1795
John - 1798
James - 1806 - 1873 *
Hannah - 1807

and list James as Baptism 19 Jan 1806 Coleford

1850 age 44 - quarryman

1870 - age 64 - residence Monmouth Union Work House

death: Sept 1873, Shropshire/Staffordshire/West Midlands, Worcestershire

and burial

9 September 1873, Coleford


Thomas ROBERTS,(Quarryman) his wife Mary (nee FRANKLIN) + children and Elizabeth ROBERTS age 72 are on the 1841 census in Newland


FOD records - Marriage at Awre - 13 July 1815

Thomas ROBERTS - Bachelor, - residence FOD


Mary Ann FRANKLYN - Spinster, residence FOD

witnesses: Hanna DAVIE or DAVIS/Thomas DANIEL clerk

Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by unknown, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 08:29 (2245 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Thanks for this extra information. Much appreciated!


Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by carole jones @, Thursday, April 26, 2012, 12:41 (2244 days ago) @ unknown

I have quite a lot of info on this family as they appear in my tree. Thomas Roberts and Mary Ann Franklin were the grandparents of my great grandmother Margaret Roberts who married Richard Pearce in 1881.

Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by unknown, Thursday, April 26, 2012, 16:34 (2244 days ago) @ carole jones


I have a Mary Pearce married to George Edward ROBERTS in Monmouth 2 Apr 1804 in my tree. Probably coincidence!

Have you ever traced your Roberts line across into Monmouth? My ROBERTS families from Monmouth can be viewed at:


Thomas ROBERTS of Monmouth c 1774

by tonyjenkins @, Sunday, April 29, 2012, 22:04 (2241 days ago) @ unknown

Good Evening Stuart

James Roberts d 1873 is my 3 x GGrandfather his daughter Emma Maria Roberts married my 2 x GGrandfather Peter Jenkins at Monmouth Independent chapel on 17th Feb 1858. Both families employed as stone cutters/quarry owners.

James Roberts married Deborah Buffrey at Newland on 9th March 1835.

The father of James, Thomas Roberts did marry the sister of his first wife Hannah Tomlin. His second wife being Ellen Elizabeth Tomlin(s) I have no evidence that Hannah died in child birth.

James started his own quarry in 1836 shortly after he married Deborah Buffrey.

Monmouth Independent chapel is now a private home. I am advised the chapel is built using stone quarried from the St, Briavels area.

I have not confirmed the link to Thomas Robets and Mary Yearsley but would be interested in sharing any information.

Kind Regards

Tony Jenkins

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