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by unknown, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 15:45 (2181 days ago)


Could anyone recommend a website searching for rellies moved to Cheltenham


Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 18:11 (2181 days ago) @ unknown

Hi again Lynne,
I've not researched Cheltenham as such myself but I recommend these free sites which may help, although you probably know of them. (I gather you have Ancestry access and I assume you know the FreeBMD & FreeCen sites which are great altho I don't know if they yet give decent Cheltenham coverage).

Glos BMD (particularly useful site # )

Glos Non Conformists etc

Lots of possible help on here, worth searching thro.

Glos Archives

This MAY help you
Glos LH Societies inc Cheltenham

Obviously I don't know what your queries are and for what period but hopefully these should help a fair bit. Failing that IF you're searching relatives with DEAN area links/origins then I see no harm on posting for further info on here.

# A great feature of this site, if you're searching for Helen/Ellen Symond/Simmonds etc as before, on this site you can enter just the bare minimum. For example enter search data as Surname "Si" & Forename "He" between say "1800" & "1900" for all "area"s and all "event"s (ie leave both fields "blank"). This will show all Helen Simons/Simmonds/Simmons etc.
As with the Adv Search on the FoD site, the results found can be sorted in various ways by clicking the top of the desired column, for example group by Surname, or by area, or all results chronolically etc. After having digested the results, simply click backwards and the search engine retains your intial set of imput data, so its easy to then for example change "Si" to "Sy" to get those Symons etc, and start all over. Altho the FoD site's Advanced Search system is really helpfull it can be upsetting routinewise & more timeconsuming having to re-enter all the input data for every search.

If you haven't already done so I recommend this method for hopefully finding more info re Helen Simmonds etc as this seems a common name on this site and may help fill the gaps, ESPECIALLY as this site includes Registry Office Marriages unlike some Church PR based sites. If done methodically & carefully this potentially lengthy process can give excellent results.

Good luck !

Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by unknown, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 21:16 (2181 days ago) @ Jefff

Thanks Again Jeff

Getting a little frustrated searching for matching records John & Martha Symonds,
along with their daughter Helen or Ellen so decided to move forward in time and research Ellen's son William. Fortunately I have a bit more solid info as I have copies of his birth and Marrige certificates
William Symonds - Born Newent 1866
Marriage to Elizabeth Price Bartlett 1895 in Cheltenham.
It sems that they lived back in Newent after their marriage and 4 of their 7
children were born in Newent - I have records of their baptisms on this site -

William Arthur - 1896 - 1897
Gladys Bartlett - 1897 - 1901
Herbert Reginals - 1899 - 1968
Frank Edward - 1901- 1991 - he emergrated USA
Unfortunately I cannot find burial records for the deceased children
I am begining to wonder if I have found the immortal family ... haha

I know that William and Elizabeth evenutally opened a shop in Leckhampton Cheltenham
where they had 3 more children
Edith May 1903-1991
Harold Willaim 1907-1987 - my father-in-law
Diris Julia 1912 -2003

As to your enquiry about the weather we are well in autumn now so even here in Cape Town South Africa it gets a little chiily especially mornings and evenings.
Hopefully the sunshine will appear for you soon.

You have been very kind searching records on my behalf, it is truly apprciated
I will try the sites for Cheltenham you suggested.

I wont give up on John Martha and Ellen just yet. I feel sure I may be asking for help again soon but if I find anything concrete will be sure to let you know

Thank you once again

Harold William SYMONDS b1907 Cheltenham

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 23:27 (2181 days ago) @ unknown

Hi Lynne, thanks for your kind comments ! Two important hints if I may;

1. Re being unable to find some Burial records within this FoD site, I strongly recommend you practise using the Advance Search as this is a Godsend, b4 I learnt of it (from MPG blessher) I spent hours trawling thro hundreds of individual Baptism PRS to creat family groups, for example !
2. Please search this forum for old posts against your family names as they and their family lines may well have been researched in the past, the incorrectly named Slowhands is particularly good at such work.

For Cheltenham a quick look on the Glos BMD site I see gives MANY Harold Symonds(presumably a "family" name much like Leonard was in my mother's line). How's this:

Birth Details
Number of entries matching criteria entered: 1
Child Surname Child Forename Father Surname Mother Surname Mother's Former Name Year District Office Register Entry
SYMONDS Harold W SYMONDS SYMONDS BARTLETT 1907 Cheltenham Cheltenham, Cheltenham 20A 30


Marriage Details
Number of entries matching criteria entered: 1
Groom Surname Groom Forename Bride Surname Bride Forename District Parish Building Year Register Entry
SYMONDS Harold William TREASURE June Marie Forest of Dean Cinderford St John the Evangelist 1955 6 15

Are these correct, if so I see my home town Cinderford albeit not "our" Church. I do recognise the surname Treasure tho from my schooldays there, a Mark Treasure springs to mind...

You will find that as you get more recent many if not all free sites don't show info in case it relates to living people.

Now over to you to fill out all those gaps !
Enjoy !!

SYMONDS - previous thread

by m p griffiths @, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 19:22 (2181 days ago) @ unknown

As Jeff said, if you would give names/dates - could look up on census returns

previous thread>

Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by unknown, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 21:38 (2181 days ago) @ m p griffiths


I am most impressed by some of the people on this forum, you, Jeff and others who have been so kind and helpful with my research.
Please see reply to Jeff as to Cheltenham connections.

FOD ??- I'm pretty new to this

I would offcourse appreciate your help, this ancestry search more complicated than first meets the eye still learning how everthing works.
It would be a disater to make easy assumptions and go for what could be a very long walk down the wrong road so to speak.

I am having a lot of fun although a little frustrating at times
It really is very interesting and a much bigger project than I thought
The Symonds family is only one branch.....

Please let me know how I can help you, help me and I will do my best not to be too annoying.

Many thanks once again


SYMONDS - 1911 census

by m p griffiths @, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 21:41 (2181 days ago) @ unknown

Assume you have the full 1911 census for

Glos. Cheltenham, District 31
Page 19 of 19 (Leckhampton)

No. on Schedule 231

Moorend House
Moorend Steet


William - 44 - married 15 years, 6 children born alive, 4 living, 2 dead, Grocer/Shopkeeper (own account) born Glos. Newent
Elizabeth - 42 -born Devon. Torquay
Herbert - 11 - School, born Newent
Frank - 9 - born Newent
Edith - 8 - born Glos. Cheltenham
Harold - 3 - born Glos. Cheltenham

SYMONDS - 1911 census

by unknown, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 23:04 (2181 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Hello again

Oh thats definately my family
I only have 1911 Census Summary Book
Listed Mr Symonds 4 male & 2 females

Please let me know where I can find the Full Census 1911

How great are you guys

Getting late time for bed - will check in again tomorrow
Family allowing -

Good night all


SYMONDS - 1911 census

by m p griffiths @, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 08:10 (2181 days ago) @ unknown

As Ancestry, haven't transcribed Gloucestershire 1911 census in a quick way.... you have to use the information obtained from the Summary Book (in this case)

District 31
Schedule No. 231


so - go into : 1911 England Census

on the right hand side you will see a section with the heading : Browse this collection

County: - go down till you find : Gloucestershire - click

Civil Parish : - go down the list until you find Cheltenham - click

District: go down to no. and click on 31

Schedule No: 231 - this is the number the house has been given on the top right of the census return....


There are 909 pages in this District - but this is a quick way of finding the correct page....

Each house has two pages, the census page and a front sheet - so ... 231 x 2 = 462 and usually you're not far off the house.

SYMONDS - 1911 census

by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 14:37 (2180 days ago) @ m p griffiths


You are most kind, I will check it out and keep you posted on my progress

Much appreciated


Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Saturday, May 05, 2012, 23:10 (2181 days ago) @ unknown

Hi Lynne,
Sorry for using abbreviations, FoD = Forest Of Dean. Also please bear in mind this site & forum is for Dean research enquiries only, so if you have any queries outside of this area she is kindly offering to help you offline. MPG is so very helpfull, unlike me she's expert at this, tho' like me she does this largely as a hobby nowadays; I believe she shares my view that it's far more interesting and usefull than the likes of crosswords or electronic braintrainers etc.
Also some posters will use "FoD" next to their posted info, to clarify that it is this website's PR records which are the source of their quoted PRs etc. Any other similar queries pls ask, I had the same problems myself not so many months ago.

Wrt the 1911 Full Census, didnt you say you had Ancestry access ?. If not then it's FreeCen although I must admit I've not used this for sometime and being a free site relying on voumteers transcripting the info I don't know what the current coverage is for the areas you're researching. Occasionally you can find other free sites with partial Census transcriptions, I know of some for Longhope & Redmarley for example. I've searched the web and found hundreds of very usefull free sites for my research, across many parts of the UK, but I can honestly say I've not found any which can hold a candle to this FoD FH site for its fantastic PRs (Parish Records) database nevermind all the other stuff that really does need studying too.

Yes as you say this business can rapidly grow like the proverbial into a fulltime exercise. I started looking about 18 months ago and foolishly embarked on researching 6 different family trees at the same time, needless to say none are complete especially as I like looking into all the possible side branches as well, not to mention learning about the local social history etc as well. I rarely use Ancestry etc except occasionally the free version at my public library, I think this is perhaps a good job as they seem expert at incredibly bad transcription errors & sending me down false trails with "hints" that often are not ! Most of my trees I've found using the various free websites especially this FoD one (the best I've found anywhere in the UK which is so lucky for us); I then take my own "leads" to the library to lookup the Census gen from Ancestry.

Yes you must always try to prove & cross reference your own research, some people don't and just make glib assumptions. Always keep records of your work at all times, even if something/one doesnt fully "fit" now it may do later, similarly you can save yourselve repeating the same line of research which is especially frustrating if it turns out to be irrelevant to your tree.

Good night Jeff

Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by selbyfamily @, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 09:09 (2181 days ago) @ Jefff

Full 1911 Census can be found on You can buy few credits if you don't want a subscription.

Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by selbyfamily @, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 09:15 (2181 days ago) @ selbyfamily

SYMONDS, William Head Married M 44 1867 Grocer Shopkeeper Glos Newent
SYMONDS, Elizabeth Wife Married
SYMONDS, Herbert Son M 11 1900 School Glos Newent
SYMONDS, Frank Son M 9 1902 Glos Newent
SYMONDS, Harold Son M 3 1908 Glos

Address Moorend House, Moorend Street, Cheltenham.

Re Harold William Symonds

by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 12:32 (2181 days ago) @ selbyfamily

Hi Lynne
Re Harold William Symonds info from Jeff.

Harold Symonds marraige to June Marie Treasure. St Johns Church Cinderford

Harold William Symonds of Walford Ross on Wye is still alive.

His wife died in 2004

I am related to the family so I think that line of enquiry is incorrect.



Re Harold William Symonds

by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 14:33 (2180 days ago) @ unknown

Hi Forest

Thanks for the info you ppl are amazing
However, not the same Harold I'm afraid.
My Harold married Gladys Gwendolwyn Pugh.

Rgds Lynne

Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 14:35 (2180 days ago) @ selbyfamily


Thanks for the info def looks like my rellies


Website Cheltenham Gloucestershire

by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 14:30 (2180 days ago) @ Jefff

Hello Jeff

Sneaking on here to answer the wonderful people on FOD forum for all their help.
I must agree that this is the best website I have come across and am learning every time I use it. However, with a family and full time job there is not a lot of spare time. My family although interested do not share my passion to quite the same degreeand are feeling a little neglected.
I agree completly as to how intersting and addictive researching has become.
The more I find out about past relatives the more I want to learn about how they lived their lives. A lifelong project it seems.
Like you I got a little carried away at first and tried to research several branches all at once. I have a subscription to Ancestry living in SA I thought it was the best way to go and I have found it usefull to at least give me an outline but it is very easy to get carried away and get way off track.
I now realise that I need to take it slowly and try to verify as best as possible before moving on. Hense researching other sites such as this. However, not all sites are equal and def not as easy to use as this one. I hope you do not mind if I pick your brain for suggestions as to the best sites to visit when I get stuck.
Please forgive me if I seem to ask inane questions.
As I have a little reliable info for the Symonds family I have started from scratch. Here I am stuck with Ellen. After a little more research I now thnk that perhaps Ellen may have been born in Winchcomb Worcester outside FOD site.
So will investigate that line see how it pans out (Can you suggest a site?)

However, according to info I have she Ellen definately lived in Newent as I have a birth certificate for her son william born 1866 and found his baptism record on this site. No father stated on birth cert for William so she is my only clue.
I also have info gained from my sister-in-law which tells me, Ellen her mother and grandson infant william are all burried in Newent - she even provides grave numbers. No burial records on this site????? Been trying to get hold of my
sister-in law to verfy she's not home grrr.

Once again thank you and other members for taking the time to help be try and solve this little mystery. I am sure I will get there soon will keep you all posted

Kind Regards

Website Redmarley

by unknown, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 14:58 (2180 days ago) @ Jefff


Me again - could you give me the website for Redmarly you mentioned in your reply
I think Martha Ellen's mother was born there.



by m p griffiths @, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 15:12 (2180 days ago) @ unknown

Hi Lynne

Martha TAYLOR, 28 March 1796 - parents Lydia & John - Redmarley (in JEFF's previous reply)

If you use the Advance Search for children at Redmarley of Lydia & John - there is

William 1790
Thomas 1792
Elizabeth 1794
Martha - 1796
Richard - 1798


and there is a possible burial at Redmarley - 31 December 1827 - Lydia TAYLOR age 72 years, who would have been around 40ish when Martha was born.

FOD records

marriage at Redmarley - 14 September 1786

John TAYLOR, Batchelor, Redmarley D'Abitot


Lydia PREES (Widow) , residence (ditto)

by Licence

witnesses: Samuel HAYWARD and mark of Ann HAYWARD


Using the Advance Search: There is a Comfort PREECE christened at Redmarley - 22 October 1780 - parents John & Lydia. A Comfort PREECE marries 16 February 1808 at Redmarley to James DAVIS, witnesses: John HARRIS/Sarah HILL

Website Redmarley

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Sunday, May 06, 2012, 16:16 (2180 days ago) @ unknown

Hiya Lynne,
never mind the family, put you & your interests first for a change, I'm sure they know where the fridge is !(not sure about washing machine & iron tho?) ;-)

For Redmarley site links see this prior post.

The Genuki site is a truly excellent reference site for learning about different parts/parishes of the Counties of the UK and their history. Also if you're lucky there will be "bonus content" such as in this case the Census Transcriptions.

Must say I'm a tad confused if my posting re Harold William Symonds are incorrect, seems a heck of a coincidence there but these things are meant to try us.

Finally, sorry if I seem to place a lot of info in each post when they'd probably be easier to read if split up. This is because threads on this forum are automatically "locked" as soon as 20 posts are reached. This is unfortunate in cases such as this one, but of course there's nothing to stop a new thread being started to continue the line of research. Before the thread is "locked" (the moment the 20th post is added) any poster can easily add new info to their existing posts via the "edit" button, so keeping the post count the same. Hope this makes sense.

atb Jeff

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