William James Broucher abt 1836 (General)

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William James Broucher was born on Gloucestershire in about 1836.Upon his marriage in 1861 he states he is illegitimate.He went on to become a Master mariner & drowned in the Mersey aboard the "Charles & Ann" on 19 Feb 1877.His birthplace is supposed to be Fretherne, Glos.Where on earth is this? And has anyone come across a record of his birth? Sonia Kear

William James BROACHER - 31 December 1835, Fretherne

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Fretherne & Saul - British History on Line


includes an 1843 map (click on the map to enlarge)


.... later family connections to Minsterworth .. seem to be Waterman.... and probably been up and down the Severn as Fretherne is the other side of the Severn. ? William James BROACHER's boat: Charles & Ann ??? was it named after Charles & Ann MITCHELL, see later reply


Gloucestershire Baptism Index

Fretherne St Mary


Harriet BROACHER - 3 October 1817 - parents: William *(labourer) & Mary (*Burial at Framilode 13 October 1850 - William BROOCHER age 75)


William James BROACHER (bs) - - 31 December 1835, mother : Harriett (Servant)

and luckily......

at Fretherne

Harriett BROCHER married John HILLMAN - 15 June 1837


1841 Census, Glos: Fretherne

William BROCHER - 60 Ag Lab - all born in County
Mary - 50
John - 15 - Waterman

(looking at Fretherne 1851 census : Surname of later decendents seems to be BROCKER

1841 Census, Glos Saul

John HILLMAN - 23, Waterman - all born in County **
Harriet - 24
Harriet - 1
William BROCHES - 5

** John HILLMAN christened as Saul 23 February 1817, parents Richard (Waterman) & Priscilla. John HILLMAN is on the 1871 Gloucester, Castle Prescints : Vessel: HOPE - Master Mariner, age 54 married.


1861 Census, Somerset: Vessels, WILLIAM

Transcribed as HELMAN

John HILMAN - 44 Master Seaman - born Saul (signs John HILLIMAN)
Denis HILMAN - 15 - Boy - born Saul
Thomas or Silvanus HILMAN - 13 - boy Saul *Freebdm Silvanius HILLMAN, A/M/J Qtr 1848 Wheatenhurst District.
Harriet HILMAN - married 44 - master's wife

+ a couple of other Seamen


1861 Census, Bristol St Mary, Redcliffe

William BROUCHER - 25, Master Mariner, born Glos. Fretherne
Eliza B - 21 - born Bristol, Radcliffe.


Saul St James - two christenings

George BROCHER/BROACHER - 2 April 1837 - parents Henry (Waterman) and Mary
Charlotte - 25 January 1835 - ditto


Gloucestershire bdm : HILLMAN, BROCHER - mixture of Haresfield/Frampton Office

Elijah 1838
Rosamond 1839
Harriet 1840 (Glousbdm - Harriet married Samual Thomas GREENWAY - Saul St James 1860)later census in Saul
Celia 1841
Elijah 1842
Henry 1844 - on the 1881 census Glamorgan - Master (Vessels) - born Saul
Denis 1845 *****
Julia Ann 1847 - (Glousbdm -Julia married Charles MITCHELL from Mitcheldean FOD - Gloucester St John the Baptist 1869) - Julia A MITCHELL later census says born Longney
Violetta 1851

However, these are two families, as a (Selina - nee BROUCHER - married Thomas HILLMAN)



1881 Wales Census

Glamorgan: Vessels (Hannah)

Richard HILLMAN - 44 - Master, born Framilode, Gloucestershire
Dennis HILLMAN - 34 - Master, born ditto

+ two able Seaman

William James BROACHER - 31 December 1835, Fretherne

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Thank you so much you guys. As I am in Tasmania I am very unsure of places in Gloucestershire. You have given me a heap of info to ponder. Thanks for your patience too. Sonia Kear.

Dean & Glos Geography.

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Friday, May 11, 2012, 10:40 (2233 days ago) @ unknown

No problem Sonia, glad to be of help !.
Re your finding places & parishes in the area, don't forget there's much more to this great site than "just"(!) the PRs. If you go to the Home Page then you can find so much more including Old Photos, Documents such as Wills & Inquests, and many Maps to help you find your way around.



Richard HILLMAN/Priscilla OAKEY + CAM

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'Saul St James' - baptism John HILLMAN - 23 February 1817 - parents Richard (Waterman) & Priscilla'

Glos CD's

Marriage at Stonehouse - 13 May 1810

Richard HILLMAN married Priscilla OAKEY

Siblings baptisms at Saul St James from 1813 onwards CD - parents Richard (Waterman) & Priscilla

John - 18 June 1815
John - 23 February 1817
Richard - 19 December 1819
Priscilla - 31 March 1822

two earlier baptisms at Saul from CLDS - Richard & Priscilla HILLMAN

Mary Knight HILLMAN - 17 March 1811 ****
Thomas HILLMAN - 8 November 1812 +++

+++ this whole family are on Public Members Tree: Thomas HILLMAN married Celia BROCHER - children Tom Eliah - 1834, Richard - 1837, Rosanna 1839 and Celia 1841 (Celia - in earlier reply on 1881 census with the MITCHELL's)

Ancestry has the marriage certificate at Tower Hamlets, Shadwell, St Paul 1868 - The Parish Church of Shadwell, Middx

Tom Elijah HILLMAN - 34, Bachelor, Mariner, residence: Shadwell
father: Thomas HILLMAN, Mariner

Mary TAYLOR - 44 (Widow), residence Shadwell
father: Simon MULLINS (labourer)

witnesses: Samuel J jAMES, Sarah Jane BEALE


*** FOD records - Marriage at Gloucester St Nicholas - 7 June 1830

James CAN (cd translated as CAM) - Bachelor of this Parish (buried at Saul - 16 November 1832 age 36)
Mary Hill KNIGHT, Spinster of this Parish

by banns

witnesses: Thomas KNIGHT, Ann BANKS - John Davis Incumbent

Ann BANKS keeps popping up as a witness to this family group weddings....

two baptisms at Saul St James for children of James (labourer) and Mary CAM
Ellen 5 December 1830 (buried at Saul - 28 March 1841 age 10)
James - 29 January 1832

1841 Saul (page 3 of 10 - most of the family appear to be either side of this census return)

and all together

Thomas KNIGHT - 76
Richard HILLMAN - 20 - Waterman
Esther HILLMAN - 20
Ebba? HYETT - (female) age 3
Thomas HILLMAN - 1 month
Charles BURNETT -25 - Waterman
Mary BURNETT - 30
James CAMM (translated as CAMIN) age 10


and 1851 census at Saul


Richard - 32 - Master of Jacks? born Saul
Amilia - 25 - born Arlingham
Thomas K - 9 all born Saul
William - 4
James G - 9 months
James CAM - Nephew - 19 Waterman, born Saul



Burial CD - Saul St James

Richard HILLMAN - 21 October 1827 at 40
Priscilla OAKEY - 13 May 1831 - age 43

Fretherne GLO (not FoD)

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William James Broucher His birthplace is supposed to be Fretherne, Glos.Where on earth is this?

....but just across the river, like Arlingham but not FoD

"FRETHERNE, a parish in the upper division of the hundred of Whitstone, county Gloucester, 6 miles W. of Stonehouse, its post town, and 9 S.W. of Gloucester. Frocester on the Bristol and Birmingham railway is the nearest station, being distant about 5 miles to the S.E.

The river Severn bounds the parish on the S., and the Gloucester and Berkeley ship canal and the Stroud canal pass through it. The banks of the Severn are here precipitously steep, and Fretherne Cliff rises to the height of 60 feet above the level of the river. Its Saxon name was Fethanieag, where the Saxon Chronicle relates that Ceawlin, King of Wessex, obtained a victory over the Britons in 584. An Act of Parliament was obtained in 1839 for enclosing the waste lands in this parish. At one time the manor was held by the Clifford family.

The living is a rectory* in the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, value £282. The church is a stone edifice of the present century, dedicated to St. Mary. There is an endowment producing nearly £100 per annum, for religious purposes. The Wesleyans have a chapel, and there is a National school. Fretherne Lodge is said to have been the birth-place of the celebrated Rosamond Clifford, known in history as Fair Rosamond."

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)
Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003]

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

Harriet HILLMAN/COLCOMBE - 1881/1891 Arlingham

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1881 Census, Glos. Arlingham

Giant? Green

Harriet HILLMAN - age 64, Widow, born Fretherne

1891 Census, Glos. Arlingham

Harriet HILLMAN - Head of family age 74 - born Arlingham

Have checked Public members tree on Ancestry - and there are some there..... inc this info

Harriet HILLMAN burial 29 September 1897, Union Workhouse Eastington

John HILLMAN burial- 16 October 1876 Frampton

And from these trees can see the link to Arlingham....

Harriet's daughter Margaret (Mary) married Thomas COLCOMBE

and 1891 Census, Arlingham


Thomas - 39 - Miller Horse Waggoner, born Stoke, Herefordshire
Margaret - 40 - born Framilode
Edith L - 11 - born Stroud
Minnie - 10 - born Stroud
John W C - 8 - born Rodborough
Francis E - 5 born Rodborough
Victor T - 3 born Arlingham
Violet A - 9 months, born Framilode

1881 Census, Stroud, Glos

Thomas COLCOMBE - 29 Groom, born Hereford, Stope Briar
Margaret COLCOMBE - 30 - born Glos. Framilode
Maurice HILLMAN, son - 12 - born Saul
Edith COLCOMBE - 1 - born Stroud
Minnie COLOMBE - 8 months - born Stroud

1871 Census, Slimbridge, Glos

Margaret HILLMAN - 20 Cook, born Framilode

Arlingham GLO (not FOD)

by slowhands, proud of his ancient Dean Forest roots, Monday, May 07, 2012, 15:02 (2237 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Arlingham is not an FoD parish, its across the Severn from Newnham.

The transcription "project" includes adjacent parishes esp. when many folk move between the parishes.

"ARLINGHAM, a parish in the upper division of the hundred of Berkeley, in the county of Gloucester, 7 miles to the N. of Berkeley. It is situated on marshy ground on the river Severn, which surrounds the parish on three sides.

There is a fine view of the river from Barrow Hill. The parish contains the hamlets of Milton End and Overton. It is not far from the ferry to Newnham, and the Bristol and Gloucester railway.

The living is a vicarage* in the diocese of Gloucester and Bristol, value £193, in the patronage of John Sayer, Esq. The church is dedicated to St. Mary. The Wesleyan Methodists have a chapel here. There is a school endowed by Mary Yate, in 1765, with £40 a year; and another endowment, by the same person, of £40, for the benefit of the poor. Arlingham Court is the principal residence."

[Description(s) from The National Gazetteer of Great Britain and Ireland (1868)
Transcribed by Colin Hinson ©2003]

Ἀριστοτέλης A Gloster Boy in the Forest of Dean ><((((*>

Julia Ann HILLMAN/Charles MITCHELL born Minsterworth

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'Julia Ann HILLMAN married Charles MITCHELL - Gloucester St John the Baptist 1869'

FOD records: at Minsterworth

Mary MITCHELL - 26 May 1839 *
Joseph MICHELL - 5 September 1841 *
Emily MITCHELL - 19 November 1843 *
Harriett MICHELL - 18 January 1846 *

Charles MICHELL - * parents Charles (labourer) and Ann - 27 January 1850

Gloucestershirebdm : Mother's maiden name: HAYFIELD

FOD records:

Marriage at Minsterworth: 2 March 1834



1841 Census, Gloucestershire, Minsterworth


Charles - 25
Ann - 20
Ann - 7 - MITCHELL - 13 July 1834
Thomas - 5 - MICHELE/MICHELL - 29 November 1835
William - 3 - MITCHELL - 21 May 1837
Mary - 2 - MITCHELL - 26 May 1839


1851 Census, Gloucestershire, Minsterworth


Charles - 30 - born Glos. Shurdington
Ann - 30 - born Churchdown
Mary - 11 - all born Minsterworth
Joseph - 9
Emily - 7
Harriett - 5
Charles - 1

1881 Census, Gloucestershire, Standish

Severn Bank

Cecelia HILLMAN - Head - 69 Annuitant, born Glos. Frampton on Severn
Therza MITCHEL - Visitor - 10 - born Glos. Standish
Charles MITCHEL - Head - 32, Waterman, born Glos. Minsterworth
Julia A MITCHELL - wife - 33 born Glos. Moreton Valance
Hannah MITCHEL - dau. 8 - born Standish ***
Alice MITCHEL - dau 6 - born Standish
Charles MITCHEL - day 3 - born Standish
Susan M MITCHEL - dau 11 - month


looking at Ancestry trees, the families seem to be going round in circles as

Hannah Violetta MITCHELL age 8 on the 1881 census, in 1898 married Henry Thomas BROCHER born 1850 - in Fretherne - parents John & Charlotte BROKER

1901 census, Fretherne with Saul

Julia Ann MITCHELL - 52 born Epney (Deaf)
Hannah BROCHER - daughter, married - age 28 - born Epney

William Henry BROACHER b1851 Frampton On Severn

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Monday, May 07, 2012, 20:31 (2237 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Hi Sonia,
not that this amateur can add much to the above great afternoon's work, however here's my ha'pennyworth.

I'm sure MPG & Slowhands will have searched the GlosBMD site for William James' Baptism and of course it's not there. Welldone for the local FHS having it !. The only Broacher etc entry I can find is this, surely a relation ?:

Birth Details

Child Surname Child Forename Father Surname Mother Surname Mother's Former Name Year District Office Register Entry
BROACHER William Henry BROACHER BROACHER BANKS 1851 Gloucester Gloucester, Frampton 5 105

Re "where's Fretherne", a website always worth checking when you discover a "new" place or Parish is Genuki. http://www.genuki.org.uk/big/eng/GLS/Fretherne/index.html

It always gives useful local info of a historical nature, occasionally it gives bonuses such as Census Transcriptions (altho sadly not in this case), plus importantly it lists the adjacent places & Parishes to help set the scene. From this we see one of Fretherne's nearest is Frampton On Severn, just 2 miles away, as per the above Birth.

Frampton Parish is included within FoD site's PRs, giving:

Record_ID: 400735
Year: 1809
Month: Oct
Day: 9
Parents_Surname: BROACHER
Child_Forenames: Henry
Fathers_Forenames: William
Mothers_Forenames: Mary
Residence: Frampton on Severn
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: mother is dau of Richard & Sarah Hear
Register_Reference: 14913
Parish_Chapel: Frampton on Severn
Soundex: B626

Record_ID: 400799
Year: 1812
Month: Feb
Day: 16
Parents_Surname: BROACHER
Child_Forenames: Celia
Fathers_Forenames: William
Mothers_Forenames: Mary
Residence: Frampton on Severn
Event: Baptism
Memoranda: mother is dau of Richard & Sarah Hear
Register_Reference: 14913
Parish_Chapel: Frampton on Severn
Soundex: B626

Which are no doubt related to William Henry and probably William James. I cannot see any other Broachers etc in the FoD site PRs.

More info about Fretherne can be obtained here, it's certainly a very attractive Church.

This site quotes "Fretherne Church is known as Gloucestershire's Mini Cathedral. It is a tiny church of great beauty, with a depth of history researched and documented. It was restored in Victorian times and is of interest to the Bristol Victorian Society."

I realise you've all searched for William James' Birth on the FreeBMD site (via Ancestry if not directly). However for completeness I've repeated and can only find the following register entries for all the UK which perhaps are of interest: http://www.freebmd.org.uk/cgi/search.pl

Surname First name(s) Age District Vol Page

Deaths Dec 1850 (>99%)
BROACHER William Wheatenhurst 11 377

Births Mar 1851 (>99%)
Broacher William Henry Wheatenhurst 11 527

Deaths Jun 1918 (>99%)
Broacher William H 67 Gloucester 6a 334

Like Fretherne, Wheatenhurst is a new name to me, it's the old name for the Frampton & Saul district south of Gloucester.

Searching ALL of FreeBMD gives several more Broachers, mostly within the above Wheatenhurst district. However there are a few elsewhere, namely:

a couple in St Pancras = West London - possibly watermen on the Regents Canal ?
one in Portsea Island = Portsmouth waterfront - a sailor perhaps ?
one in Axbridge = Burnham/Weston Super Mare = Severn estuary/ "Bristol" coast - a sailor ?

And the only one North of Glos;

Surname Given Name Age District Volume Page Transcribers
Deaths Mar 1886
BROACHER Walter. 2 Salford 8d 126 Phil-B

Salford = same locality & timeframe to William James' loss on the Mersey.

I hope this is of interest.

Richard HEARE and Sarah CLISSOL/CLIFFORD marriage 1775

by m p griffiths @, Monday, May 07, 2012, 21:18 (2237 days ago) @ Jefff


Your 'welcome' input has opened up another link to the FOD

'memoranda - mother is dau of Richard & Sarah HEAR' on christenings of Henry BROACHER 1809 and Celia BROACHER - 1812 at Frampton - and is.... Cecelia HILLMAN age 69 on the 1881 census with the MITCHELLS's the same person? as they all seem to be marrying 'cousins' (building up the 'boating' fleet?)

FOD records - Marriage at Longney - 11 June 1775

Richard HEARE

Sarah CLISSOL (although my CD transcribes the surname as CLIFFORD)

by banns

mark of John FRYER, Joseph TANDY - other witnesses: Wm JONES

Officiating Minister: J CHESTER (Vicar)


FOD records - Marriage at Gloucester St Nicholas 7 December 1830

Thomas HILLMAN - Bachelor of this Parish

married Selina BOUCHER - Spinster of this Parish

witnesses: Henry BOUCHER, Mary BANK, James WHEELER

Minister: John DAVIS,


Ships in Port in Gloucestershire 1881 can search for other seaman - very interesting document....


Boards at Lydney

Vessel: "Tom" of Bridgwater

Thomas HILLMAN age 47 - married Master, born Epney, Glos

Witness Mary BANK c1830 & BROACHERs (Severnside) 1851 CENSUS

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Monday, May 07, 2012, 22:23 (2237 days ago) @ m p griffiths

Thanks, there was me thinking I was all at sea on this...

in the HIGHLY unlikely event you hadn't noticed, your above mentioned Witness Mary BANK at the 1830 Hillman/Boucher Marriage may be linked to the mother (maiden name BANKS) of aforementioned William Henry Broacher b1851 ??.

ps as a child I LOVED the B&W series "Tales of the Riverbank", beautifully voiced by Bristol's own Johnny Morris of course. Since then I've always loved messing about on the water despite sadly having no family links in this respect.
It all makes sense now..

pps sorry, back to reality. I've been reading this surname as Broach-er, as in "broach" the subject. After just looking on LDS I realise it's also perhaps if not probably pronounced "Brooker", not a spelling variation I'd been trying earlier !. Thankfully I can confirm on rechecking I cannot find any likely Baptism/Birth abt 1836 for William James Brooker or even Broocker on FreeBMD or GlosBMD, although this is a far more common name of course. There are a few Brookers on LDS in the Staverton/Cirencester area abt 1830 but not ours it seems, certainly no birth/baptism records. Again thank heaven for the local FHS records;

From my Glos FHS 1851 Census I can fill a tiny gap in MPG's post:

The BROACHER Households listed in this Severnside area in 1851 are:

1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0179 - 0189 ED.3 FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0186 Schedule: 044

Address: Fretherne

BROCHER John HD M 26 Waterman GLS Saul (c1825)
BROCHER Charlotte WI M 26 Domestick Duties GLS Morton Valence (c1825)
BROCHER Selina DA - 3 Scholar GLS Fretherne (c1848)
BROCHER Henry SO - 3M - GLS Fretherne (c1850)


1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0179 - 0189 ED.3 FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0187 Schedule: 046

Address: Fretherne

BROCHER Mary HD W 62 Domestick Duties GLS Saul (c1789)
BROCHER Emos NP - 7 Scholar GLS Fretherne (c1844)
(NP = Nephew)


1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0134 - 0151 ED.1 FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0148 Schedule: 113

Address: Framilode

BROCHER Henry HD M 41 Grocer GLS Frampton (c1810)
BROCHER Mary WI M 46 - GLS Saul (c1805)
BROCHER Thomas SO - 5 Scholar GLS Saul (c1846)
MAIL Adeliza SD U 22 - GLS Saul (c1829)
MAIL Harriett SD U 20 Grocer GLS Saul (c1831)
(SD = Stepdaughter)


HILLMAN (Saul etc Severnside) on the 1851 Census

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 00:56 (2237 days ago) @ Jefff

The relevant HILLMAN Households listed in this area in 1851 are:

1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0134 - 0151 ED.1 FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0150 Schedule: 131

Address: Epney

HILLMAN Richard HD M 32 Master of Trow GLS Saul (c1819)
HILLMAN Amilia WI M 25 - GLS Arlingham (c1826)
HILLMAN Thomas K. SO - 9 Scholar GLS Saul (c1842)
HILLMAN William SO - 4 - GLS Saul (c1847)
HILLMAN Richard SO - 2 - GLS Saul (c1849)
HILLMAN James G. SO - 9M - GLS Saul (c1850)
CAM James NP U 19 Waterman GLS Saul (c1832)


1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0134 - 0151 ED.1 FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0147 Schedule: 102

Address: Framilode

HILLMAN John HD M 34 Mariner GLS Saul (c1817)
HILLMAN Harriett WI M 34 - GLS Fretherne[/b] (c1817)
HILLMAN Harriett DA - 10 Scholar GLS Saul (c1841)
HILLMAN Elijah SO - 8 Scholar GLS Saul (c1843)
HILLMAN Henry SO - 6 Scholar GLS Moreton (c1845)
HILLMAN Deness SO - 5 Scholar GLS Saul (c1846)
HILLMAN Silvanus SO - 2 - GLS Saul (c1849)
HILLMAN Margarett A. DA - 4M - GLS Saul (c1850)


1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0108 - 0116 ED.7B HARESFIELD

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0113 Schedule: 017

Address: Epney

HILLMAN Sealey WI M 38 Waterman's Wife GLS Frampton upon Severn (c1813) #
HILLMAN Fairrosaman DA U 11 - GLS Saul (c1840)
HILLMAN Seliea DA U 8 - GLS Moreton Valence (c1843)
HILLMAN Juliea Ann DA U 3 - GLS Moreton Valence (c1848)


2444 1851 CENSUS HO107/2444 FF.0378-0388 ED.10A COLEFORD 1

Piece: 2444 Folio: 0384 Schedule: 023

Address: Lydbrook [Riverside again !]

SCOTT William HD M 42 Forgeman MON Monmouth (c1809)
SCOTT Elizabeth WI - 43 - GLS West Dean (c1808)
SCOTT Jeremiah SO U 16 Forgeman GLS East Dean (c1835)
SCOTT Susannah DA U 13 - GLS East Dean (c1838)
SCOTT Thomas SO U 10 - GLS Ruardean (c1841)
SCOTT Edmund SO U 8 - GLS Ruardean (c1843)
SCOTT Joseph SO U 5 - GLS E Bicknor [English Bicknor] (c1846)
SCOTT James SO U 3 - GLS E Bicknor [English Bicknor] (c1848)
HILLMAN James LG U 62 Tinman (Deaf & Dumb) GLS Saul (c1789)
MARSHALL Thomas LG U 54 Labourer GLS E Bicknor [English Bicknor] (c1797)
WARD William LG U 18 Engineer GLS E Bicknor [English Bicknor] (c1833)


1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0108 - 0116 ED.7B HARESFIELD

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0114 Schedule: 025

Address: Epney

BURNETT Priscilla HD M 29 Waterman's Wife GLS S (c1822) #
HILLMAN Susanah DA U 8 - GLS Saul (c1843)
BURNETT Lydia DA U 5 - GLS Moreton Valence (c1846)
BURNETT Amelia DA U 2 - GLS Moreton Valence (c1849)

# Presumably their husbands are away on the water ?


Charles MITCHELL b1851 Minsterworth etc on the 1851 Census

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 01:18 (2237 days ago) @ Jefff

The relevant MITCHELL Households listed in this area in 1851 are:

1959 1851 CENSUS HO107/1959 FF.0502-0518 ED.3 HUNTLEY 2

Piece: 1959 Folio: 0513 Schedule: 065

Address: Minsterworth

MITCHELL Charles HD M 30 Ag Lab GLS Shurdington (c1821)
MITCHELL Ann WI M 30 - GLS Churchdown (c1821)
MITCHELL Mary DA - 11 Scholar GLS Minsterworth (c1840)
MITCHELL Josep SO - 9 Scholar GLS Minsterworth (c1842)
MITCHELL Emily DA - 7 Scholar GLS Minsterworth (c1844)
MITCHELL Harriett DA - 5 At Home GLS Minsterworth (c1846)
MITCHELL Charles SO - 1 At Home GLS Minsterworth (c1850)


Their eldest children from above household, now moved away but still Severnside;

1963 1851 CENSUS HO107/1963 FF.0152 - 0163 ED.2A FRAMPTON

Piece: 1963 Folio: 0161 Schedule: 048

Address: High Street

MERRETT John HD M 50 Farmer of 36A. Emp. 2L. GLS Slimbridge (c1801)
MERRETT Hanah WI M 39 Farmer's Wife GLS Flaxley (c1812)
TAYLOR Samuel SV U 16 Farm Labourer GLS Stroud (c1835)
MITCHEL Ann SV U 16 House Servant GLS Minsterworth (c1835)


1959 1851 CENSUS HO107/1959 FF.0416-0428 ED.1 HUNTLEY 2

Piece: 1959 Folio: 0425 Schedule: 053

Address: Farm, The

HART Thomas HD U 30 Farming 50A Emp. 2 Lab GLS Blaisdon (c1821)
HART Patience MO W 77 - GLS Brockworth (c1774)
HART Charllot CI U 39 Gentlemans Servant GLS Blaisdon (c1812)
HART Mary CI U 45 Housekeeper GLS Blaisdon (c1806)
CAYSE Charles SV U 21 Farm Servant HEF Upton Bish[op] (c1830)
MITCHEL William SV U 13 Farm Servant GLS Minsterworth (c1838)
WILLIAMS Eliza SV U 16 Farm Servant GLS Blaisdon (c1835)


1961 1851 CENSUS HO107/1961 FF.0001 - 0015 ED.1,2,3,4 KINGSHOLM

Piece: 1961 Folio: 0011 Schedule: 003

Address: Linton

PRIDAY Samuel HD M 51 Farmer 450A Emp.8L GLS Quedgley (c1800)
PRIDAY Sarrah WI M 50 Farmers Wife GLS Newent (c1801)
PRIDAY Catherine DA U 19 Farmers Daughter GLS Tibberton (c1832)
PRIDAY Lydia DA U 16 Farmers Daughter GLS Bulley (c1835)
PRIDAY Eliza DA U 14 Farmers Daughter GLS Bulley (c1837)
PRIDAY Jane DA - 12 Farmers Daughter GLS Bulley (c1839)
PRIDAY William SO - 10 Farmers Son GLS Linton (c1841)
PRIDAY Frederick SO - 8 Farmers Son GLS Linton (c1843)
MARFELL Sarrah Ann DA M 22 Farmers Daug GLS Tibberton (c1829)
MARFELL Ann Sarrah - - 5M - (Grandchild) WOR Eldersfield (c1850)
BUNDAY Ann SV U 23 House Servant GLS Corse (c1828)
YOUNG Sophia SV U 18 House Servant GLS Sandhurst (c1833)
COX Thomas SV U 20 Farm Lab WOR Bushley (c1831)
MITCHELL Thomas SV U 14 Farm Lab GLS Minsterworth (c1837)
HALFORD George SV - 14 Farm Lab GLS Bulley (c1837)


A relation ??

1960 1851 CENSUS HO107/1960 FF.0124-0143 ED.4B & 6 NEWENT 1

Piece: 1960 Folio: 0137 Schedule: 086

Address: Cugley Tything

MITCHELL Sarah HD W 80 Pauper Lab HEF Linton (c1771)
MITCHELL Sarah GD U 24 Glover GLS Minsterworth (c1827)

Broacher Family, Severn Watermen, British Newspaper Archives

by Jefff @, West London, Middlesex, Tuesday, May 08, 2012, 04:17 (2237 days ago) @ Jefff

Further evidence that the Broachers are a long line of Watermen can be seen by searching the huge BNA database. As yet I haven't subscribed to obtain full articles #, but the site permits free searching in advance which can give tantalising snippets, such as these found for "Broacher" within "Gloucester Citizen (1850-1949)" records:

Sat 24 Jun 1882 THE POLICE COURTS [1647 Words article]
"... Thomas Broacher, a waterman, of Framilode, were summoned at the instance of Henry Awre, for illegal fishing in the Severn on the 8th June. —Walter Cadogan was also ...

Wed 18 May 1887 GLOUCESTER COUNTY COURT [578 Words]
"John Broacher v. Rufus Hailing.—Mr. Barber for plaintiff and Mr. Morton York for defendant. —Plaintiff claimed £2 for breach of contract. It was stated that ..."

Tue 21 Jul 1903 SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION CENTENARY [1924 Words]
"Thomas Broacher, a mariner, said the body was that of his father, Thomas Broacher, aged 59, mate of the trow Venus, of which witness's ..."

Sat 10 Nov 1900 LITTLEDEAN PETTY SESSIONS [420 Words article]
"Frank Broacher and Charles Rudge, of Framilode, watermen, were summoned by Frederick Henry Bnbb, of Court Farm, Westbury, for trespassing upon lands via his..."


# Please see my post elsewhere re the BNA website.

I had hoped to find a reference to William James's drowning on the Mersey, however despite using various searches I haven't found a specific report. Best plan appears to be to refine & filter by date and region, bearing in mind the Liverpool & Manchester newspapers are full fo international shipping news as in those days they were hugely busy ports of world importance. The nearest hits I could find were:

"Western Mail Wed 21 Feb 1877 South Glamorgan, Wales

TERRIFIC GALE [2036 Words]
" e a 8 Mersey was most disastrous, and numbers of I V vessels went ashore, others collided, and many i lost masts and spars; but the most serious casualty was the ... ?"
(as you can see the site clearly relies on automated word recognition, and sometimes it makes errors !.. but you can get the gist of it)

Belfast News Wed 21 Feb 1877 Antrim, Northern IrelandT

“ were drowned. The remainder, consisting of eight men, were saved by the lifeboat. Several collisions have taken place in the Mersey, ..."

Preston Chronicle Sat 24 Feb 1877 Lancashire, England

“ f the Mersey, and five of her crew and two unlucky stowaways were drowned. In the Menai Straits, yesterday's gale, although of brief ..."

Clearly that whole area of the Irish Sea had suffered serious gales and it would perhaps be days before the full losses were known ans reported ?.

I had hoped to perhaps find details in this excellent website for all things Merseyside, but sadly no, although there are numerous old newspaper reports of serious gales and shipping looses within the area thro january & February 1877.

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