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Chas E Collett Motor Engineer - Christchurch

Chas E Collett Motor Engineer - Christchurch

This picture came from an original block which was prepared for advertising. I presume that the proprietor kept the block and sent it to the newspaper as and when Charlie Collett's family gave us the block as, at the time, we were living in the building.

I understand that the building started life as a 1914-18 army hut and had bits added. There was a workshop space at the back of the garage and I suppose they serviced the few cars in the neighbourhood.

To the right was a small shop for motor spares, cycles, cycle parts and facilities for doing whatever they did to the old "carbide"? batteries for cycle lamps. The car nosing out was the local taxi. On the right hand side of the building some living space was hived off, but later the room on the right by the road became a post office with a telephone booth entered through a side door.

The walls were very thin - timber framed, covered with corrugated zinc on the outside and lined out with match-boarding with no insulation! I date it around the 1930's

I first went to school in Christchurch. there was an entrance to a lane on the left of the building where the fence and gate are shown. I believe the lane was blocked when the building was extended at the back. We moved to Christchurch in 1958 when the premises had been empty for a time. The old premises have now been demolished and a house built on the site.

(Photo supplied by Gene Marshall)

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