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From left to right looking at picture

Row 4

Mavis Hyett
Gillian Allott
Jean Morgan
Nilma Baker
Mary Brain
Elizabeth Wilderspin
Pam Evans
Sheila Moore

Row 3

Margaret Kear (?) Flag
Nan Bower
June Heard (?)
Berly Evans
Ruth Jones
Brenda Barnard
Sonia Haskett
Margery (?)
Betty Tooze
Eileen Moore
Margaret James Flag

Row 2

Freda Popejoy
Mary Brown
Pat Bower
Marjorie Head
Miss Gwen Dawson
Miss Taylor
Paddy Marshall
Betty Griffiths
Daphene Parsons

Row 1

Eileen Dugard
Eileen Thomas
Ann Wilderspin
Eileen (now Bayliss)
Betty Barnard
Marian Bullock
Eilen Parsons
Ann Whittle

(Photo supplied by Brian Moore)

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