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Coleford The Market Square

Coleford The Market Square

Postcard of the same series and printed by the same firm.

Posted by the same person as the last one, A. Ellis to the Rook family in
Sheffield. This one was posted a few days later on July 19th 1907 at Coleford
again. Again Wilfred is mentioned! A. Ellis appears to have lived at Bank
Street, Coleford. On this one, among other things, A. Ellis states "Hope you
like this view. There are not many views of Coleford it is such a small town."
Also "I was pleased with the views you sent I am getting quite a nice collection
of P.Cs". Who knows, perhaps A. Ellis' collection of post cards may be in
someone's attic?!!! Hope they are of interest.

Photo and details supplied by Helen Best

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