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Charles Joseph Rook

Charles Joseph Rook

Charles Joseph Rook (1849-1921) son of Charles J Rook (1824-1854) and Ann Mary
Adams (1822-1900). They were from the Forest of Dean but emigrated to
Poughkeepsie, New York on a ship called The Cosmo which arrived in New York on
24 May1848.

Charles Joseph Rook was born in Poughkeepsie but returned for a short visit to
the Forest of Dean alongside his mother in 1858 when Ann Mary Adam's brother,
John had died. (They returned to pick up their inheritance). Ann Mary Adams had
several brothers, two of whom also emigrated to the USA (George and Edward) and
settled not far away, first near her and then moving to Pennsylvania. (I have
source documents, letters copies of which are now with Poughkeepsie Public

Photo and details supplied by Helen Best

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