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Watkins Engineering of Sling

Watkins Engineering of Sling

Watkins Engineering Limited

The photograph shows a typical unit being despatched via rail which was the main means of transport for the period. Since then the company, has developed into the largest supplier of steam boiler hire in the UK.

Established in 1860 Watkins Engineering Limited began life as a supplier of iron ore which was extracted from the family owned mine at Sling, Coleford.

During the 20's and 30's the business developed away from mining to supplying steam boilers, tubing, railway equipment, steam loco cranes and the like. The mine closed in 1939 but was re-opened by the War Ministry during the war and eventually closed in 1945.

The company, which still operates from the original 18 acre site, were the originators of steam boiler hire with the first units hired out as early as 1930.

Watkins Engineering Limited

Photo supplied by David Watkins who has no connections with this Watkins family,
just happens to have the same surname

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