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This photo was sent to me recently by Bill White who lives in Canada. I have asked him if he would mind sharing it with everyone and he said fine whoever would be interested in having it.

Bill and myself are related to two of the sisters in the photo. The family lived in the Abenhall area mainly at Plump Hill. There is no place name on the photo.

The people are as follows, words exact

Daughter of Tom Davis - Tom Davis - Mary Ann Barnard - Michael Barnard
Dinah White - Hannah Meek - Alice Davis

Alice, nee Barnard was my great great grandmother and Tom Davis my great great grandad. Bill's relative is Dinah White. The 3 ladies on the front row are sisters and Michael is their younger brother

The father and mother of the sisters was Thomas Barnard and Elizabeth (nee Trigg). Thomas being a farm bailiff at Folly Farm. Incidentally James and Dinah White were the witnesses at the wedding of Thomas and Alice. I believe that Michael went to live in Australia

Tom Davis died in1927 aged 90 years so the picture must be before that. Bill told me that the husband of Mary Ann Barnard was dead by this time also but as yet I haven't pieced that together

(Photo supplied by Kay Gore)

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